Why invest in the UK?

Why choose the UK for your commercial space endeavour?

The UK has a dynamic, collaborative and thriving space sector underpinned by world-class talent. Companies seeking to establish themselves within the UK can benefit from wide-ranging private and public investment opportunities, as well as a robust, business-friendly environment in which to expand and trade.

Thanks to its rapidly developing small-satellite launch segment, the UK now offers end-to-end capabilities, ranging from satellite design and manufacturing to downstream space data services. These create many exciting new opportunities within the UK space market.

A founding member of the European Space Agency, the UK is committed to taking “a leading role on the international stage” of the space industry, as highlighted by the UK Prime Minister in the National Space Strategy. Key focus areas include satellite manufacturing, launch, and space sustainability. The UK seeks to support businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers in growing their capabilities and competitiveness, notably through its network of supportive regional space clusters.

A Thriving Ecosystem

The UK is globally-renowned for the development of spacecraft and highly complex payloads, while also positioning itself as a leading manufacturer of high-end navigation systems and satellite communications infrastructure.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from supporting infrastructure and facilities available to help companies succeed at every stage of development.

Accessing Global Markets

The UK has bilateral partnerships and cooperation with many European partners, as well as regions such as North America, Australia, Japan, India and the UAE. Companies can leverage the UK’s reputable position and high level of engagement on the international stage.

Supporting Ideas and Innovation

The UK academic landscape offers access to more than 160 higher education institutions, many world-leading, generating a pipeline of highly-skilled talent for space and adjacent sectors.

Commercially inclined modern space regulations also help the UK cater to current and future spaceflight and satellite industries, providing flexibility to accommodate rapid advancements safely.

Funding to Support Innovation

The UK supports the domestic space sector by providing wide-ranging national and local public funding opportunities, as well as access to ESA contracts. Companies can also leverage private equity through the country’s active venture capital landscape and angel investors.

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