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Spaceflight & Habitation

Safely delivering key assets and technologies into orbit for the benefit of the environment, economy and wider society

Support for R&D in spaceflight and habitation makes the UK an attractive destination for international stakeholders and investors alike. Great emphasis is placed on establishing strong global partnerships and providing access to markets and supply chains around the world. Organisations can benefit from clear spaceflight legislation which enables launch on UK soil and attractive bilateral agreements facilitating UK launch activities for foreign entities.

This is a strategically pivotal time to enter the fast-growing UK spaceflight and habitation supply chain. The UK has considerable ambitions in the field, with several locations across the country developing (or considering) a spaceport, which will help expand its smallsat launch offering.

With unparalleled support from the Government and private sector, incoming organisations will be able to leverage the country’s academic and industry expertise to integrate into a dynamic spaceflight supply chain, and develop internationally competitive technologies and systems.

A one-stop-shop for smallsats: the UK’s developing spaceports will provide both horizontal and vertical launches for orbital and suborbital activities, offering access to high-demand orbital inclinations for a range of payload capacities

The UK’s high level of commitment to European spaceflight and exploration activities highlights the country’s growing interest in a field where it sees significant strategic and commercial opportunities. UK stakeholders’ cutting-edge innovation will push the boundaries of spaceflight towards space tourism and extra-terrestrial human settlement. The UK is dedicated to supporting R&D opportunities in the development of habitation systems, ensuring that organisations have the expertise and knowledge available to launch their innovations to the next level.

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