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Space Sustainability

Preserving space access for future generations

The UK is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to continue enabling the future of space operations, such as by limiting orbital debris, monitoring severe space weather events, and advocating for the peaceful use of space. The country aims to become an international destination for organisations looking to establish themselves within the sustainability market.

Incoming organisations with sustainability at their core will be joining a dynamic and evolving landscape of forward-thinking companies actively pursuing a space exploration future that minimises its environmental impact (e.g. through commercial activities such as orbital debris removal, green fuel development capabilities, and in-orbit manufacturing). The UK’s drive to make space sustainability a key priority ensures a plethora of support and collaboration opportunities.

The UK has taken a leading position in safeguarding our Low Earth Orbit environment and beyond

By investing in sustainability and leveraging innovative technologies and concepts, the UK will not only help prevent the loss of vital space infrastructure and services globally, but it will also enable new revenue streams for UK-based companies. This includes the areas of servicing, refuelling and assembly technologies in orbit, advancing robotic technologies, and cutting-edge R&D and technologies within space-based solar power solutions.

The UK is also committed to space sustainability through debris mitigation and removal by actively increasing global awareness of the risks posed by space debris and by creating opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise solutions. The country is proud to provide a supportive environment where those who are looking to make an impact in this area are recognised, supported and nurtured.

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