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Space Science

Sustaining the country’s competitive edge through leading pioneering scientific discovery

Positioning itself as a science and technology superpower, the UK offers a supportive environment for space science research, data science, and the design & development of complex instrumentation.

Strong collaborations between academia and industry, nationally and internationally, play a vital role in bringing forth high-value contracts while inspiring younger generations to pursue STEM activities, creating a strong talent pipeline. Leadership in past and current high profile Science missions provides opportunities for increasing academic excellence and supporting the wider industry through instrumentation and data analytics.

The UK has earned a reputation for excellence in astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, exoplanets and heliophysics

Globally recognised for its expertise in the design and development of complex payloads that are essential for space exploration missions, the UK pushes the boundaries of space through cutting-edge strides in advanced technologies, such as photonics and quantum technologies. The UK’s expert industry stakeholders have led the delivery of state-of-the-art instruments and helped make the country a central player in payload delivery for international space science and exploration missions.

The UK is globally recognised for its data science and processing capabilities, offering an ideal place to expand incoming businesses. The country is well equipped to support ambitious space projects through the robust collection of scientific information and expertise.

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