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Space manufacturing is booming in the UK. Its long-standing experience and reputation for excellence in designing and manufacturing highly complex payloads and small satellites make the country a leading expert.

New exciting opportunities are appearing for the sector, notably around launch vehicle development, subsystem testing, and payload manufacturing. With the goal of becoming the leading commercial small satellite provider by 2030, the UK is heavily invested in microengineering and additive manufacturing.

New opportunities will continue to emerge across the industry as the UK strives to establish itself as a global leader in space manufacturing

The UK is also focused on the emerging field of in-orbit servicing and manufacturing (IOSM), which has been identified as an exciting area of opportunity in both the short and long-term. Furthermore, space sustainability and related technologies for active in-orbit debris removal are already providing the UK with an edge in its targeted efforts to become a global leader in space manufacturing through the development of innovative new technologies.

With world-leading research capabilities and prime industrial players contributing robust technologies backed by reliable ground support systems, there has never been a better time for space companies to set up new or extended operations in the UK.

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