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Earth & Climate Intelligence

Supporting our planet through geospatial expertise and space data analysis

The UK is an ideal destination for companies with an interest in leveraging Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites to provide data-driven applications, especially thanks to its complex data processing capabilities.

The country is committed to enabling space data companies to commercialise space-enabled products and services and capture an increased share of the high-growth downstream market. Consequently, there are endless opportunities for companies looking to capitalise on the UK’s supportive environment and establish themselves as leading geospatial data innovators.

Playing a key role in the use of satellite data to protect Earth, the UK provides stakeholders with the tools and support needed to succeed within the realm of EO products and service provision.

Earth Observation applications and services are seen as one of the highest growth sectors in the years ahead

The UK also offers leading capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which can be leveraged to analyse and exploit geospatial data. The country is home to around 1,500 AI and ML-focused organisations, with whom incoming businesses may be able to collaborate in order to develop competitive space-enabled products and services.

For those looking to contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts, the UK government is heavily committed to addressing climate change in a variety of ambitious and supportive ways.

The country notably offers numerous public funding opportunities to support the development of space applications that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience. High-value contracts are also available for key bilateral and European climate missions, providing valuable platforms for organisations seeking to make a difference in climate change.

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