What is a Space Cluster?

“Everything is in one place – you can have access to government, industry (from SMEs to primes), and academia all within walking distance – that is a huge advantage!”

Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager
Gemma Wilson

The UK currently has 15 space clusters across the country – local hubs of space activity offering networking opportunities, access to shared facilities and funding support.

Each cluster is unique: some are specialised in specific areas of the supply chain (e.g. upstream, launch, downstream), and others offer end-to-end capabilities. However, there is one common denominator between all UK clusters – they are all home to highly innovative organisations, whether they be start-ups, SMEs, large enterprises, universities or research institutions.

Space clusters also play a key role in strengthening the talent pipeline by bridging the gap between education, training providers, and potential employers.


Established supply chains

Networking and introductions

Financial support and guidance

Tax and customs incentives

Cutting-edge research and development

Specialist skills and recruitment advice

Infrastructure and testing facilities

Cross-sector opportunities

Accelerated Technology Development

Belonging to a space cluster in the UK can place you at the heart of a thriving advanced R&D ecosystem. Through funding for innovative ideas, access to state-of-the-art facilities and exposure to established supply chain partners, you’ll benefit from a faster route to market.

Extensive Finance Opportunities

The UK offers a wide range of funding opportunities at the national and local levels, as well as access to ESA contracts. Businesses can also benefit from the country’s active Venture Capital environment or be introduced to some of the UK’s many Angel Investors. There are also Special Economic Zones (SEZs) within certain clusters where beneficial economic regulations apply.

Expand Your Network

UK clusters actively encourage and foster networking, helping connect you to innovators, trusted suppliers and new customers. Proximity and engagement with stakeholders in space-adjacent sectors can also catalyse new commercial opportunities for your business.

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