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Behind the Investor Launchpad

The Investor Launchpad is one of a number of platforms and tools that form the UK Space Ecosystem – a programme of work funded by the UK Space Agency and the Satellite Applications Catapult that is designed to facilitate collaboration and growth within the UK space sector.

The Launchpad exists to encourage the evolution and development of productive space clusters. Fostering a vibrant space community in the UK helps create synergies to build national capabilities, deliver strategic priorities, and grow the economy in line with the National Space Strategy.

The thematic profiles developed on this site emphasise what the UK has to offer in various key domains of the space sector through its rich network of space clusters. Investors and entrepreneurs can find information regarding funding opportunities, ongoing industry innovation, existing infrastructure strength, and academic and research activities. Potential technology transfer and commercial opportunities with space-adjacent markets are also highlighted.

Practical information on establishing a business in the UK, navigating the space regulatory environment, understanding the space skills landscape, and identifying the support on offer (whether financial, administrative or legal) is also outlined in each of the thematic reports. Additionally, more information can be found on the website for the Department for Business and Trade.

Satellite Applications Catapult

The Satellite Applications Catapult is a leader in the satellite services revolution, driving space technology and applications to shape and sustain tomorrow’s world. Established to transform the UK’s capability for innovation and enable economic growth, Catapult helps organisations utilise satellite technologies, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to generate innovative solutions.

UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is an executive agency sponsored and supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology. It plays a major role in delivering the National Space Strategy by inspiring, leading and supporting UK stakeholders in the sustainable use of space for the benefit of our planet and its people. UKSA also catalyses investment to maximise UK space sector growth and deliver missions and capabilities that meet regional and national needs.


know.space is the leading specialist space economics and strategy consultancy, based in the UK with offices in London and Edinburgh. With a mission to be the source of authoritative economic knowledge for the space sector, we have unrivalled knowledge of the UK space ecosystem, global space economy, cluster development strategies, and investment decision criteria.


AstroAgency is a global leader in strategic space sector promotion, providing a unique combination of market guidance, PR branding, digital marketing and events planning to the commercial space sector. Its team of marketing and technical experts have supported over 50 public and private clients across the international space value chain.

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Feel free to use the Investor Launchpad to connect directly to a UK space cluster that matches your inward investment requirements. You can find links to their respective websites via our UK Cluster Directory interactive map.

Please click on ‘Get Tailored Support’ and fill in the short form if you would like tailored support from the UK Department for Business & Trade and/or a UK Space Cluster to facilitate your journey to invest and collaborate in the UK space ecosystem. We will direct your enquiry to the relevant stakeholders to best meet your inward investment needs.

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