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The United Kingdom is a dynamic ‘end-to-end’ space nation with a secured global status as a science and technology superpower. Operating within a stable commercial environment, it offers investors a variety of fantastic opportunities across numerous industries – from small satellite manufacturing to strategically positioned spaceports, cutting-edge scientific missions, impactful applications leveraging space data, and more. All of these opportunities nurture the growth of new businesses and take advantage of the country’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, as well as its world-class workforce.

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A collaborative environment of 1,600+ space organisations

Full value-chain capability: satellites, launch, ground stations and data analysis

Proactive support from a range of public stakeholders

Access to public and private funding and investment

State-of-the-art shared infrastructure and facilities

Access to world-class academic research and skills

Cross-sectoral collaboration opportunities with adjacent sectors

Vibrant space activity across the UK: from the southern tip to the northern islands

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Feel free to use the Investor Launchpad to connect directly to a UK space cluster that matches your inward investment requirements. You can find links to their respective websites via our UK Cluster Directory interactive map.

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